Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eating disorders and nutrition + my day yesterday 7/30/13

My day yesterday was pretty hectic, this black iced coffee made it pretty sweet, ( or bitter, no sugar or crème) thanks to my dad!
For Regency Swim Team there's only three days left and then we take a month brake in August before we start short course season through the fall and then on to long course during the summer. I have scheduled for myself to go to Massage Envy and get the knots I've developed in my back from worrying too much massaged out. Here is some info on eating disorders and proper eating through my experiences: When people say they are on some fad diet, restricting fats/carbs/proteins or even calories in a dangerous and unnecessary way, it drives me nuts. Most times all that needs to happen is to simply change what is being eaten. When I started off with swimming I had athletes anorexia, and I just couldn't adjust to the calorie requirements and I continuously felt fatigued, agitated, and I just couldn't work at the level required for the days needs. Anorexia is something that many people struggle with, eating very, very, little food throughout each and every day. What they think is that this way they will loose weight and fat, look like that ' gorgeous skinny model' on the magazine, when in reality your body stores every bit of food its being deprived of instead as being used for energy and lean muscle building, in addition to yellowing of the skin, facial hair growth on girls, yellowing of eyes and teeth, lowered brain functioning, and heart problems as well as many other things. That is why girls who are over weight do not loose weight efficiently, and sometimes even gain more weight as a result from binge eating, or bulimia. Bulimia is just as bad as anorexia, but can cause stomach bleeding as well as throat problems. Just because some one is skinny, does not define them as healthy, now don't take that the wrong way, there are lots of skinny people with naturally fast metabolisms, who are healthy and fit. You should, instead of counting calories, count the nutrition and healthy fats such as polyunsaturated and  monounsaturated ( omega-3 fats, usually the highest amounts are found in fish, nuts, peanut butter, and some plant bases, and are super heart and brain healthy + help to loose weight ). Eat as much as you want as long as it is healthy, and eat the rest in moderation. When paired with fitness, that is the true key to health and fitness. Before you do a calorie or macro nutrient restricting ( carbs, fats, and proteins ) diet plan PLEASE do your research and make sure the amount you restrict is coinciding with your weight, height, age, gender, and your daily activities. Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have. Eat for your goals. notice the last two sentences start with eat!!! Food is a source of energy, a power house of nutrition, when the right choices are made. Be that healthy fit girl. Be you! you're beautiful inside in out. 


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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