Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Swimmer problems

Life as a swimmer really proves the saying "when the going gets tough, you get tougher." Sometimes in my mind, that's a very easy thing to forget. I wasn't brought up tough, but choosing  to swim made me stronger than I could ever imagine. Being brought out of swimming because of surgery made me mentally tough, and taught me to not give in because one day, it's all going to pay off and I can finally say that " I made it. I reached my once miles and miles away dream goals." Although I've had a good break from swim, I'm ready to go back into training season and prove myself to my coach and be moved up to the next level of training. Obviously easier said than done. But during my break I've been true to going to the gym and running, switching it up, 5x a week am the occasional swim in the neighborhood pool. CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP! . This weekend My girl Genna is coming over Friday the 23rd and chillin, prepping for my little 16th birthday party on Saturday the 24th at my house. Yesterday night she called me up on a surprise trip to the mall, during which we got Starbucks at 9PM. This picture is a very accurate discription of our personalities xD
My third meeting at Civil Air Patrol is this week, I'm both sad and excited because, one, my coach has to give me permission and he might not let me do CAP, and two, if he does then I'm an official member and get my papers signed this week and my BDU's will be on their way:D 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Highs and lows

My week has been a mix of good highs and bad lows. Some of the highlights to it were Massage Envy, getting my refurbished IPad mini, and going to my first Civilian Air Patrol meeting. Even though I showed up in jeans, an AE shirt, sandals, and hair let loose, ( AKA a civi, or Civilain attire  ) instead of a button up white blouse,  black polished boots, hair in a neat bun, and black slacks ( They call that penguin attire :/ ) usually you wear  penguin attire the first 3 meetings until your membership is excepted and you get military atire uniform, the other kids that were there were very exepting and were excited to have me there. Next 2 meetings I go as a "penguin".
Yesterday I went to the library with Genna and we relaxed and talked as I helped her with her biology. We are thinking of meeting at Starbucks every Sunday from now on to relax and study/talk when the school year and my swim season starts up again. Later tonight my friend Julie and I are headed to the neighborhood pool to swim some laps and for me to give her some stroke technique instruction.
Sometimes people don't realize that what I do swimming wise, is NOT an easy thing. If it was easy, then everybody would do it. I swim for 6-7 days a week, sometimes doing doubles in a day, for 2 and a half hours each practice. On top of that I go running, lift weights at the gym, and my own life and school to balance. It's not a choice lightly made because if I want to succeed, I must give it 110%.  There will be doubters who will doubt me. Haters that will hate me. Non - believers who will say " It can't be done". But then there is me. I will prove them wrong. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fried oreos and sweet reasons cupcakes

My day so far has fully consisted around cleaning. Cleaning my house, cleaning other peoples houses, ect.. on Sunday I am going out to Sweet Reasons with my best friend Genna, after a session at the gym. Sweet Reasons is a gourmet cupcake store out in town, as seen below.
Although I usually eat a very clean, non processed foods diet, I still eat treats in moderation; Like this fried Oreo I shared with Genna on Fourth of July. 
I am buying my self an iPad mini, I'm not a very materialistic girl, so this was a big decision for me. I never ask much for my birthday. I'd rather have my sisters have everything. I did ask for some glass food containers to store the left over food that I cook though :) My birthday is August 28th

Friday, August 2, 2013

I am blessed

Although I'm not an overly religious person, I strive to remember all the things, both big and small, that God has blessed me with each and every day. Sometimes we take these things for granted and lose sight of what's important, and talk more about our burdens than our blessings. This often brings into our minds a depressed train of thought, and digs us into a deep rut. I myself have experienced this self pity and let me tell you, it was not an enjoyable couple of months. I found that although I felt better talking to people about my own issues, it only lasted for a day or two. For a person buried deep in their own troubles, bringing to light the good in life can become difficult, as with other things in life, depressed thinking can become a habit.
Your train of thought is controlled by you, and you alone. Nobody can make the decision for you, to just simply be happy with the things you have, and forget the things that you don't have. A homeless man has nothing, but is blessed with the clothes on his back, or the church that he goes to for food. A poor family may seem to have nothing, but they too are blessed for the little money they do have, their siblings and parents and the love that they share for one another. You are blessed for simply waking up this morning if nothing else. You had a bad day? It's a bad day not a bad life. In order to experience the joys in life, you have to also experience the bad as well, or we would never know the true feeling of joy. Life would be boring.

Today is the last day of year round swim team as well as summer league, and today is supposed to be a fun day at swim! relays, starts, and games galore. This is a picture of the pool I swam high school swim season at, and swim year round at.

My last HS swim season I ended the term with two high school records in the 200 IM and 500 FR. On year round I got 3rd in state for the month of December for 50 butterfly and 6th in state for month of December in 50 breaststroke. Now that I have my shoulder fixed with surgery, it will be exciting to see how far I can get this year.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Keeping motivated

On days like today, when I have total body soreness, a cold, tendinitis, and stress trying to keep me from my goals, I  have to have a game plan to keep myself motivated and to keep going to the gym, on runs, and even these last 2 swim practices; which really have no point in going to because we have a whole months brake before training kicks back in for short course season. I have to bring into view all my past accomplishments, as well as my long term and short term goals and remember how excited I was to attain achievements I never thought I'd be able to pull off and my determination to push myself (or swim ) to new heights. Sometimes I have to remember the reason why I started swimming in the first place.
 My fidelity for swimming  will ALWAYS be apart of who I am, and when I swim my stroke, it may be the only time that I come close to being 'gracefull'. The precision and concentration put into every stroke, dive, and turn that I take is unmatched and unlike anything else that I do.
I have to look at how far I have come, instead of how far I still have to go. Other things I do to help keep myself motivated:

1. re-evaluate with my goals
2. If I don't think I will follow through with my running plan, I schedule a run with my friend.
3. Look at motivational pictures and quotes
4. Listen to motivational music
5. Think about how far I have come and how much I have achieved
6. Remember that what I do is not easy, and if it was then everybody would do it.
7. Talk to my parents or friends for encouragement
8. Remember why I started in the first place
9. Blog about my goals
Remember that it's O.K to take a day off every once in awhile, and when you're hurt, to be smart and improvise.