Friday, November 1, 2013

Not your average person

I stepped out onto my front porch at 6:30am, took in the crisp and cool November air, awake and pumped for the vigorous sprint/crossfit work out I was about to endure. Then I actually woke up to my alarm going off at the other side of my room, placed there knowing that if I set it next to the bed the previous night that I would easily hit off and fall back asleep. I stiffly rolled out of bed. I threw on my work out clothes and put my hair in a wild pony tail; quickly noting I looked similar to a walker from the walking dead. I downed some juice for the carbs to make sure I have enough energy and I was sore all over from the date with the gym I had the day before. I step outside for real this time, pitch black, cold, and RAINING. This is the reality of most mornings. You go to sleep pumped and fantasizing about how great your workout will be, and then you wake up feeling like death itself, and all you want is another 5 minutes of sleep. But you get up anyways. You remind yourself of all your goals. Your dreams. everything you've trained for in the past. People think you're crazy, that you crave and live for those early and sometimes rainy mornings, or late nights at swim practice. It's who you are. Fitness is my life, and I am dedicated 110% to every aspect of it. Every hill, every bump and curve that has been thrown in my path has been climbed, jumped, and straightened out, but sometimes it tears me down. Things tear you down, only to build you back up Into a smarter, and stronger version of yourself, or you can choose to take the easy way out and stay down until things become easy again. You have to learn to build that self confidence in yourself and not depend on others to help you back up 100% of the time. The body feels and does whatever the mind tells it to, so if you convince yourself that you can't keep going, you can't do this, or that this is too hard, your body will hear that nonsense and shut down. Keep your mind a positive and clean area, and don't ever say you can't do something; because wether you can or you can't, you're right. Back to my sprint/cross fit work out, once I got going and into my zone it wasn't so bad. In fact, after my workout I felt on top of the world! Here's the workout: 
5min jog 
 10 150yard sprints: ***1st 10 push-ups, 2nd 20 lunges, 3rd 30sec plank, 4th 10 T-jumps each leg, 5th 5 push-ups, 6th 20 lunges, 7th 5 push-ups, 8th side jumps, 9th 15 plank position shoulder shrugs, 10th 10 squats
5 min jog
3 400 yard jogs: 1st 5 push-ups, 2nd 6 burpees with two push-ups
3rd 10 squats
10min cool down
***The push-ups/jumps/squats/planks/lunges/burpees where done after every sprint, and no brakes or rest was taken in between. 
Tomorrow morning is another sprint/crossfit workout, with the intensity increased. I am hoping for a less rainy of a morning. Next weeks post will be on setting a pace for yourself during longer and shorter swim events, with advice on how to practice them and learn how to pace for certain events, it will be interesting as I am going to do some research on USA swimming as well, and see what I come across. Wake up and chase down those dreams, make them your realities. can't stop won't stop!