Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't just try. Give it your ALL.

So with the condition of my shoulders I have worked out a plan to bring my swim times down, even if it means not being a senior swimmer becuase my practice count will drop to 4-5 practices a week. The fact is, my shoulders are not like other peoples and I'm going to have to work around that. How am I going to do this? Let me tell you. Instead of swimming 6-7 practices a week, I'm going to bring it down to 4-5 practices, reducing the amount of inflammation and stress being put on my shoulders, enabling me to seriously haul some butt during practice without feeling like my arms are popping out of their sockets. Gross. To make up for my lack of attendance, I'm going to run every other morning, even on the weekends, varying the time, distance, and sprints, even adding in some push-up/squat/lunges in to keep it spicy with the sprints. I will work in some strength training in my core 15-20 minutes everyday at home. Now add in weight training every other day ( the days I don't run ) at the gym for 45 minutes, and I mean some serious weight training, and I should be pretty whooped by the end of the week just the same as any of the seniors.
Now on Sundays however, I will only do my core work with a very light run. From day to day I will be switching my carb/fat/protein Intakes, and eating most of my carbs before and after work outs to maximize the affects of carbohydrates for the better. So a day that I lift and swim, I will eat around 3000 calories, consisting of 60-80 grams fat, 120-130 grams protein, and 300+ carbs. The days that I run and swim will be 2500 calories consisting of  about 80 grams fat, 120-125 grams protein, and 200-260 carbs. The reason I am eating more when I lift weights and swim is because, for me, lifting depletes my energy stores for the day more so than when I just run and swim. Also weight lifting generally keeps your body on the calorie burning highway longer than cardio does. But it varies from person to person, things like gender, weight, hight, age, and body type have to all be taken into account, and that's why you shouldn't follow a particular persons diet. What's spectacular for one person could be death for another. I want to thank Bear_fitness on Instagram for their great posts that I use in my blog! Check them out for great motivation :) 
Remember, we all have the same 24 hours. How you choose to spend yours is up to you. wether you laze through practice, or give it all you've got, it's your choice alone. No one else controls that. So either you can suck it up, or regret it later. Give it everything this week, don't let the case of the Mondays get the best of you, and instead make the best of the Mondays! Let it be a set up for the rest of the week.