Saturday, February 21, 2015

Handling disappointment

Having been an athlete for 5 years, I've had my run of the mill with disappointment.  Disappointment is not meeting your goals you worked so hard toward. Disappointment is not meeting somebody of importance expectations. Disappointment is the let down you get from others. 
How we react to our despondency contributes to our attitude about life, our goals, and our motivation. 
I've had disappointments one after the other, but I look at it as a lesson from life. I mature from it. I analyze every side of it, and use it to improve. Gain some mental toughness.  I also learn from other people's mistakes, comprehend them and think about what could have been done more efficiently with the desired outcome.
What enables me to accept, learn, and move on, is that I choose to do so. No one is kissing my ass to make me feel better. It is me taking the initiative for my own, and sometimes others, actions. I mentally and physically have to make the choice to take advantage of it or gain nothing but self pity. 
Disappointment is not the end, but a new beginning.