Friday, October 25, 2013

Born for the 500

Hey guys! So last week I mentioned a couple songs that where real spirit up lifters, I wanted to share my music playlist of songs that I listen to to get my adrenaline pumping and ready to swim fast at a swim meet:
1. Bezerk by Eminem
2. Flux and Flow by Siberia
3. Numb/Encore by Jay-z and Linkin Park
4. You gotta want it by Papa Roach
5. We Still In this B**** by B.o.B
6. Let it die by Three Days Grace
7. Run this town by Jay-z
8. 'Till I Collapse by Eminem
9. Rock you like a hurricane by Scorpions
10. Survival by Eminem 
Haha yes some of these songs are old, but they still get me fired up. Tonight is the homecoming football game, and tomorrow is homecoming! I'm absolutely thrilled for the start of this weekend to begin. This year seemed to skip Autumn and go straight to winter, with temperatures just beginning to reach freezing by nightfall. I am not too impressed. During the week my swim coach and I discovered my hidden talent for the 500 Freestyle, during a set in which we did 4 x 500s in which I was beating my best time on all of them. I was able to keep a strong pace, and as my coach would say, embraced the suckyness of it. Why can't I be good at a 100? I absolutely nearly fear the 200. I've never been a real sprinter, and switching between a even, slowish, pace to full out sprint just isn't my thing. But I can hold a strong pace required for the 500. Here are some tips for swimming a 500 freestyle both in practice and a race:
1. Keep your stroke long and even, establish a comfortable breathing pattern, breathing to each side to prevent a cramp.
2. Keep your focus on how your STROKE feels and not on how YOU feel. Think about the water gliding past you, count your strokes, focus on keeping your kick alive. 
3. KICK! Your legs are there for a reason, don't just drag them behind you. They aren't a drag suit. 
4. Embrace the suckyness of it ( Swim coach quote ).
5. The water is your friend, do not fight it. Use it to propel you forward.
6. Make sure you rotate, a longer stroke = more ground ( or water ;) ) coverage as well as preventing shoulder problems.
7. My friend once told me, if you ever get a cramp, just breath out HARD. Yes it sounds weird, looks weird, and maybe even feels weird, but guess what? It works! 
Stay hungry and motivated all you swimmers out there! Never lose the thirst for chlorine.