Friday, August 9, 2013

Highs and lows

My week has been a mix of good highs and bad lows. Some of the highlights to it were Massage Envy, getting my refurbished IPad mini, and going to my first Civilian Air Patrol meeting. Even though I showed up in jeans, an AE shirt, sandals, and hair let loose, ( AKA a civi, or Civilain attire  ) instead of a button up white blouse,  black polished boots, hair in a neat bun, and black slacks ( They call that penguin attire :/ ) usually you wear  penguin attire the first 3 meetings until your membership is excepted and you get military atire uniform, the other kids that were there were very exepting and were excited to have me there. Next 2 meetings I go as a "penguin".
Yesterday I went to the library with Genna and we relaxed and talked as I helped her with her biology. We are thinking of meeting at Starbucks every Sunday from now on to relax and study/talk when the school year and my swim season starts up again. Later tonight my friend Julie and I are headed to the neighborhood pool to swim some laps and for me to give her some stroke technique instruction.
Sometimes people don't realize that what I do swimming wise, is NOT an easy thing. If it was easy, then everybody would do it. I swim for 6-7 days a week, sometimes doing doubles in a day, for 2 and a half hours each practice. On top of that I go running, lift weights at the gym, and my own life and school to balance. It's not a choice lightly made because if I want to succeed, I must give it 110%.  There will be doubters who will doubt me. Haters that will hate me. Non - believers who will say " It can't be done". But then there is me. I will prove them wrong.