Thursday, August 1, 2013

Keeping motivated

On days like today, when I have total body soreness, a cold, tendinitis, and stress trying to keep me from my goals, I  have to have a game plan to keep myself motivated and to keep going to the gym, on runs, and even these last 2 swim practices; which really have no point in going to because we have a whole months brake before training kicks back in for short course season. I have to bring into view all my past accomplishments, as well as my long term and short term goals and remember how excited I was to attain achievements I never thought I'd be able to pull off and my determination to push myself (or swim ) to new heights. Sometimes I have to remember the reason why I started swimming in the first place.
 My fidelity for swimming  will ALWAYS be apart of who I am, and when I swim my stroke, it may be the only time that I come close to being 'gracefull'. The precision and concentration put into every stroke, dive, and turn that I take is unmatched and unlike anything else that I do.
I have to look at how far I have come, instead of how far I still have to go. Other things I do to help keep myself motivated:

1. re-evaluate with my goals
2. If I don't think I will follow through with my running plan, I schedule a run with my friend.
3. Look at motivational pictures and quotes
4. Listen to motivational music
5. Think about how far I have come and how much I have achieved
6. Remember that what I do is not easy, and if it was then everybody would do it.
7. Talk to my parents or friends for encouragement
8. Remember why I started in the first place
9. Blog about my goals
Remember that it's O.K to take a day off every once in awhile, and when you're hurt, to be smart and improvise.